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Capital is the fuel of American industry. Companies of every size, in virtually every line of business, have the need for outside funding in order to grow, remain competitive and fulfill their strategic plans. Well-structured financings are essential to completing strategic acquisitions, to realizing the Great American Dream of management buyouts, and even to helping troubled businesses to recover and return to profitability. However, the esoteric jargon of the financial community can be baffling.
Privately-owned businesses sometimes need help unraveling the mysteries and complexities of corporate financing opportunities, and to understand what money sources are looking for and
how to deal with them.

L. R. Nathan Associates has been providing middle market companies throughout the Northeast with access to capital since 1980. This website is chock full of information about financing strategies, key features of various money tranches, brief summaries of real-life transactions....and much more. We hope this information is helpful to business owners, CFOs and to their professional advisors.